I’m N.A. Winter.

I’m a writer and a professor, a wife, daughter and friend, but most importantly I’m a follower of Christ.

I love exhorting Christians to keep striving to be more like Christ and encouraging them to passionately pursue the better things ahead.

To do that, I write about growing in Christ, hoping in Christ, and being purposeful about living for Christ. I also write about relationships and being content – maybe because these are the areas where I struggle most to reflect Christ.

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My goal is to treasure Christ and to life a simple life of worship.

Contact Information:

You can contact me via Twitter or Facebook. I also love getting readers’ comments and do my best to regularly respond.

A Little Bit More About Me:

If you are still reading, and you aren’t my mom, it’s probably because you want to know a little bit more about me, so here it goes:

  • My “day job” is that I teach marketing to college students. I stumbled into business only to discover that I loved it. What I love even more is helping young people be equipped to enter the business world and change it for Christ. But I still miss the actual “doing” sometimes, so I take on a few consulting projects a year.
  • I’m married to a wonderful man who is unbelievably supportive of my writing and interests. We have two dogs – Goose and Maverick. (Yes, they were named after the characters in Top Gun.) Outside of my salvation, my husband is the best gift God ever gave me.
  • The “better things ahead” theme was originally inspired by a C.S. Lewis quotation. It is also the subject of Jesus’ commendation  of Mary (Luke 10:42) and reminds me upon what my heart and mind should focus.
  • If I had to list my hobbies it would be to read, write, crochet, and photography. I don’t get to do any of them nearly enough.
  • I live in Southern California where we don’t know what seasons are, but we’re all too familiar with traffic. The trade-offs are definitely worth it.

If there’s anything else you want to know, just ask! Thanks for reading!

~N.A. Winter


P.S. – A quick disclaimer – The views expressed here are strictly by own, and not those of any organization with which I may be associated. The information I provide is on an as-is basis which means I make no representations as to its accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity. Also, I will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its use.

Additionally, please note, I work hard to provide links to resources that are theologically accurate. However, the Worldwide Web is a moving target and as well are some people’s adherence to biblical teaching. Please make sure to evaluate everything in light of Scripture.

While it bothers me that there’s even a need for such disclaimer, I’m grateful to Michael Hyatt for his willingness to let me borrow from his so mine is legit.

What do you think?