Run to the Battle

Often times when our country experiences destruction we hear about those rare individuals who run into mayhem in order to save others. With seemingly little regard to their own personal interests, men and women set aside fear and safety. and risk harm and sometimes even death, in order to assist those who are caught in the proverbial cross-fire. Even when ruination seems imminent, there are people who will run into the fire, or the collapsing building, or the literal onslaught of bullets, with the hope that another’s life may be spared.

For many of us this seems unfathomable. We may be willing to consider it for those we love, but it is hard to imagine the fortitude that is required to set aside one’s own well-being in order to help unseen strangers. And yet, these men and women are rightly celebrated for what they do. Their commitment, their earnestness and their courage should be applauded.

And when we are caught in our own battles – when there are souls to be won and sin to be defeated-  they should serve as an example of how we should behave. 

This was David’s approach. When the giant needed to be slayed, he ran towards Goliath (I Sam 17:48). Not only was he willing to face what seemed like certain defeat, he was so confident in his Father’s ability to conquer any foe that he hastened to the fight. What must have seemed like foolish brazenness was anything but. David knew that his slingshot and stones didn’t stand a chance – except for the fact that God was on his side. And because God was on his side, his victory was already assured. David wasn’t arrogant; David had trust.

And perhaps what is most telling about all this is what is missing from the narrative. There were no excuses; no four-step plan. David was not going to wait for the most “ideal circumstances” (from a human’s perspective), nor was he going to delay with strategies and personal agendas. David didn’t build a coalition or offer alternative explanations. David knew what needed to be done, and he obeyed. With eagerness and conviction he did what God desired him to do.

As should we. 

Is there a sin that needs to be eradicated and you have been making excuses? Run towards its defeat.

Is there a person that needs to hear the Gospel and you have been obfuscating or delaying? Run to them with the Good News.

Is there a ministry that God has given you and you haven’t been stewarding it faithfully? Slaughter halfheartedness and hasten to faithful service.

Whatever it is that God is calling you to, don’t delay; don’t linger, don’t wait.

Run to the battle.

And as David knew – if God is calling you to it, you can trust that victory (by His terms) is already yours.


What do you think?