Bits & Pieces (3/18/13)

How Firm a Foundation Story and Free Download – Tim Challies tells the story behind the hymn “How Firm a Foundation” and offers readers a free download.

What To Do When You Can’t See Straight – “If you want to rejoice in the Lord always and not be anxious about anything then you need to see that the Lord is at hand. There is no better place to be reminded of how the Lord is at hand than through his word the Bible.”

Perfected – Upon seeing your sick mom’s weakened condition, the author observed that it “it did make me think about our relationship with Christ and our current condition as we wait for him to arrive. Like Mom, we are weak, unstable and riddled with pain. But as soon as Christ comes, we will be perfect.”

Consider Yourself – “So then, how do we contend for the one, true faith while striving for peace and unity in the church? At first glance, some might think these two commands are mutually exclusive. However, God’s call to contend for purity and God’s call to strive for peace and unity are fundamentally intertwined.” (H/T)

The New Testament’s Favorite Old Testament Stories – I found this really interesting. It’s a compilation of which Old Testament stories are most often referenced in the New Testament.  The author states, “”The last time I read through the New Testament, I decided it might be fruitful and interesting to keep track of all of the occurrences where the author made reference to narratives in the Old Testament. ” Here are the results of that research.” (H/T)


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