To Everything A Season


I started blogging over five years ago. At the time, it was on a whim and my first few years of participating in the blogosphere were very inconsistent. I would write when I had the inclination and the time – and the posts came in fits and flurries. There would be several posts in one week and then the blog would lay dormant for many weeks, maybe months to follow. It wasn’t for lack of things to write about but strictly a matter of being disciplined enough to regularly and faithfully post.

About two years ago, I decided enough was enough. If I really believed that writing was something that God had called me to do (and I did) then it was something that I needed to be serious about doing. So I made a commitment to post every weekday. It was a good goal because it kept me accountable and helped me develop the practices that I needed to have in place to write faithfully. My list of archived posts quickly grew, and although I am sure there were some weekdays where a new post wasn’t published, I am pleased that for the most part, the commitment I made has been upheld.

Recently, however, I have realized that my two-year old commitment may be in need of an adjustment. There were several factors that led to this starting with the fact that the amount of things that people have to read has grown exorbitantly even in the past two years. Keeping up with the daily posts had become difficult even for those who wanted to read them every day. On top of that, I found a desire to write longer, more substantial posts but quickly believed that a daily consumption and production of these would add to my readers’, and my, level of overwhelmingness. In addition, I believed that God was leading me to also pursue other things. So along with making some design changes, I made the decisions to alter my posting schedule. Specifically my plan is to do the following:


  1. Publish longer, more substantial posts 2-3 times a week.
  2. Continue sharing the “Bits and Pieces” on a daily basis in order to provide my readers with links to other helpful resources.
  3. Share shorter posts such as interesting quotations or short Scripture reflections on the weekdays when a longer post isn’t scheduled.

My goals in doing so are to:

  1. Write better, more thought-provoking, and more substantial longer posts and give those who regularly read some time to reflect, process and apply anything they have learned. 
  2. Cultivate other writing projects including guests posts and the development of several book ideas that have languished for far too long.
  3. Pursue more speaking opportunities –  both at my church and other places where God may lead.
  4. Read more so that I may be better equipped to do all of the above.


As I make this transition, I would love any feedback that you may have. I appreciate the opportunity that God has given me to share with those who read and I hope He continues to use this space to point people towards the better things ahead.


Many blessings,

N.A. Winter




  1. I like your plan, Natalie. I too have recently realized the value for reading regularly (always something I enjoyed doing, just never had consistent time to do so) and the benefit it provides both in stimulating my thinking and in rejuvenating and inspiring me. I am sure you will see more doors open to you for speaking as you write more, too. Stephen has seen more success in securing speaking engagements now that he has published his writing in book form. Looking forward to seeing the changes!

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