Sharing God’s Story

Sharing what God has done in our lives is such a privilege. Although it seems that we get the opportunity to do this more often with believers (or perhaps we are just more willing to take those opportunities), sometimes we also get to share with unbelievers. Traditionally, this has been called our “testimony.” Just like witnesses in a court trial, His children get to attest to the work of God and how this has led to a radically-transformed life.

The challenge with sharing our testimony is that if we are not careful it can sound like “we” are expending a lot of the effort. For example, coming to repentance – a recognition that we have enacted wrong against a holy God, seeking forgiveness for that sin, and turning from it – is often talked about in terms of what “we” did. We realized that we had sinned. We acknowledged our need for a Savior. We sought His forgiveness.

And while I realize the ease of talking in such parlance, Scripture indicates that God is the One directing that experience. Romans 2:4 says that God’s kindness leads to repentance; 2 Corinthians 7:10 indicates that godly grief can accomplish the same thing. In either case – God is the proponent. It is His character that prompts us to seek Him and to recognize that we have committed wrong against Him. Not only is He the One extending forgiveness, He is leading us towards it.

It’s easy to think that our testimony is primarily about us – after all we think it’s “our” story. But in reality – our testimony should be primarily about God – Who He is and the work that He has accomplished. There is nothing better that we can attest to; there is no better story to share.

What do you think?