At a recent conference, one speaker talked about what it means to live for Christ with your family.  In a day amd age where the word “family” is fraught with different interpretations and when families, however they are defined, seem to daily break down in front of us, it is difficult to see how they can be a reflection of Christ. However, as Christians all our lives are to reflect our Savior, and within our families the same principle applies.

One of the ways that we do this is by not imposing our limitations on our commitment to those that God has placed in our lives. No where is this more important that our marriage. Of course, God makes it clear in His Word that our first commitment is to Him, and as such, that will create “limitations” of sorts (For example – if our spouse asks us to do something that violates a clear command of Scripture, God says that we must demonstrate our loyalty to Him and His Word, rather than our loyalty to our loved one.) However, outside of that parameter, we need to have a “regardless” attitude. We respect regardless of agreement. We love regardless of loveliness. Our fidelity to each other should not be dependent upon the other person. Instead, we remain faithful, regardless.

This isn’t an easy attitude to have. Our sinful nature prompts us to put boundaries and walls in order to protect ourselves and to ensure that we get what we desire. God, however, makes it clear that the purpose of a Christian marriage is to reflect Him, and no one had a “regardless” attitude more than our Lord. After all He died for those who were in rebellion against Him (Ro. 5:8). And having the same attitude as Him will require dying to ourselves, but as we do so, our marriage will be a beautiful portrait – not only of human love, but of the love that Christ demonstrates to His Church.


What do you think?