Only A Whisper

I’ve longed been fascinated by the quietness of God. Perhaps it’s because of the hectic life that I tend to lead, but passages that remind me that God often chooses to speak, not in shouts of proclamation, but in whispers of direction encourage me to to quiet myself, in order that I may hear from Him (See I Kings 19:12, Isaiah 30:21)

However,  Job 26 recently reminded me that God may not be as “quiet” as I tend to think. After all, the Earth is a display of God’s greatness. He places the world in orbit, causes the sun and moon to rise, stirs up waves and cause them to crash. By His hand,  seasons are brought forth. These things and more scream of God’s majesty and splendor. They loudly tell of His greatness and might. They shout of His excellence. They boldly proclaim the goodness of our King.

Yet, they are only a whisper of Him (Job 26:14). They are but a trifle of what He can do. Creating the Earth wasn’t a stretch for God – it was something He accomplished with a word. What we rightly see as a magnificent display of God’s greatness, is only a small reflection of the power that He holds. The Earth isn’t His magnum opus; it was a project that He accomplished in just 6 days.

It’s important to quiet ourselves in order to listen to God. Yet at the same time, we need to recognize that His Creation is constantly telling the story of His greatness. And what we view as a loud proclamation of His majesty, is only a whisper from the perspective of Heaven.

What do you think?