New Things for the New Year

It’s traditional that the new year is a time for reflection and for improvement. Since I leave my annual reflection to my birthday, I suppose I don’t fully partake of this tradition. Additionally, I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions as it seems to me any time is a good time to assess where you are and make new goals that will lead to a deepening walk with God or an improved ability to serve Him. That being said, the start of another year does give us the perception of a clean slate, and thereby affords us the chance to make changes at a time when everybody expects it.

It was a little over a year ago in November 2010 that I made the goal to share a new post every weekday. I haven’t perfectly achieved this goal, but more often than not, I have. I must admit – I’m not sure that I thought I would be able to maintain the pace. However, God was gracious and the encouragement that I have received from you through your comments and your willingness to share the blog with others has been a further blessing. Lord-willing, I plan to keep posting every weekday during this coming year. There are also two additional features that I plan to add:

  • Bits & Pieces – as you may have seen at the end of last year, I started sharing my most-read 2011 posts in a feature called “Bits & Pieces.” My goal is to continue this in the new year, but instead of featuring posts from this blog, feature items of interest or encouragement from other sources. I’ve been looking for a way to share these types of items for a while, but hadn’t found an organized way of doing so that fit with my routine. The “Bits & Pieces” concepts was inspired my Tim Challies’ daily “A La Carte” posts and I hope that you will find them beneficial.
  • Weekend post – An additional goal that I have is to regularly write a longer post that will be shared on the weekend. Again, Challies’ blog was helpful in formulated how I could go about sharing content that is more in-depth than my daily posts. The content of these posts may range from book reviews to transcripts of talks that I have given to simply discussions that exceed the limits of a weekday post. I haven’t yet committed to doing one every weekend, but I hope more often than not, there will be one to share.

I hope that you find these new features beneficial and that they strengthen and deepen your relationship with the King of Kings.

~N.A. Winter

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