Limited Time Offer

Time is a funny thing. When we’re children, it doesn’t go fast enough. As adults, we can’t seem to find enough of it. When we’re old, we’re wondering where it all went.

Despite our maturing knowledge that time is a precious commodity, we still spend it like an expendable resource. We waste time doing things that have little to no eternal value for a thousand reasons that we are sure justify the expenditures. We think we have all of our lives to do what God has called us to; yet we quickly fine that our lives are just a vapor – and what we thought we had a lifetime to do, never quite gets done.

I was reminded of this fact from a sermon I heard. In preaching about being “sold-out servants” I learned anew the fact that the only time that we have to serve God’s Church is while we are here on Earth. The only time we have to build His kingdom is when we are on this side of glory. When He calls us Home, or when He returns, there will be no more Kingdom-building to be had. His Kingdom will have come, and we will see the fruits of the labor that we expended while we were here. We will either have built much or built little; we won’t have a second chance.

When we reach eternity, it will be a glorious thing to be worshiping God “full-time.” It would be even better if we could look around and see people that are now worshiping with us because we used our time here to accomplish things that will matter there. It’s a limited time offer. We should get busy redeeming it.


How will you use your time today to further God’s kingdom?

What do you think?