Increasing Cheer

The more we like something, the greater the chance that we will increase our participation in it.

It’s the reason that people all over the world wish that vegetables tasted like chocolate. It’s the same reason why another contingent of people spend money that they don’t have to participate in hobbies that they enjoy. It’s also why the most obedient person generally isn’t the person who is doing it because they “have to” but the person who takes pleasure in pleasing their Heavenly Father. They obey to an increasing measure because they have aligned their joy with His.

And while I realize all the above, I’ve also realized that I’m slow to apply this to all areas of my life. For example,Β one thing that God says He loves is a cheerful giver. Not a giver who gives without complaining, or a giver who gives because they’re commanded to (although both are good), but one who takes pleasure in giving. One for whom giving is a joy.

And if something brings me joy, I should want to do it to an increasing measure.

Which means that I go the extra mile with a friend, even though I should only “have” to go one.

It means I give the extra dollar even though it means I can’t do something I want.

It means that instead of trying to figure out whether there’s someone else who can meet the need, I look at the opportunities for me to give and I jump at the chance to do so.

My Christian walk should be characterized by increased generosity – in time, effort and resources.Β 

Because I take pleasure in it.

And the things that I like, I will do to an increasing measure.

And I want to increase my cheer.

What do you think?