Holding On

In the waves and shifts of life, sometimes it can be hard to remain steadfast. We think we’re heading one way, things changed and we’re knocked off balance. What we thought we knew for certain, now comes into question. The direction we thought we were heading becomes unclear.

When this happens, we’re tempted to revert to the things we know. For the Christian, this can mean their old way of living before they repented and put their faith in Christ. The things that were once familiar can become enticing again. We can cling to the patterns of live and behavior that helped us get through tough times before.

We usually think of sin as something that we do, not something that we have possession of. Yet, Colossians 3:8 states that we can put these things (anger, wrath, slander and obscene talk) away. Through the grace of God, He enables us to let go of these things that previously defined our lives (See Col. 3:7) And by His power, we can cling to Him instead.

Walking down the path that’s familiar seems comforting; we know what to expect and we know how to navigate the circumstances. Yet, when it comes to the pattern of our lives, God calls us to no longer walk in the former ways, because they no longer define our lives. He does. And when times are trying, we must not cling to what we once knew, but instead we must hold on to Him.

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