Holding Fast

Hot Glue Gun.  Hot Glue Adhesive Tool.  Used, includes dirt and marks.

Recently I was reminded of the old adage that if something is worth doing, it is worth doing right the first time. Correcting a project after the fact is often a lot more painful and time-consuming then if it had been done the right way to begin with. Take our shower door for instance. Whenever the person who installed it did so, they weren’t careful with the adhesive that holds the door in place. In short, they got it all over the place. Because the glue is regularly exposed to water, it creates a breeding ground for bacteria and other stuff that I prefer not be in my shower. If I want my shower to be clean (and I do), it means I must painstakingly remove the excess glue.

However, as you might imagine, the glue that holds the shower door in place is not easily removed. Because I also would like my shower door to remain affixed, I am glad for that. It is difficult to separate the adhesive from the wall where it doesn’t belong. I can only imagine the difficult of separating it from the door, where it does.

In the history of the kings of Israel, King Hezekiah is described as a man who “held fast to the Lord” (2 Kings 16:8). Much like the glue around my shower door strongly affixes to anything in which it comes into contact, King Hezekiah was affixed on the principles of God. Scripture says that he “did not depart from following” God, “but kept the commandments that the Lord commanded Moses” (2 Kings 16:8). He was secured by the Word of God. He did what it said and remained faithful to the Lord and His commands.

One might think that this was to be expected for the the kings of Israel, yet historically this wasn’t the case. King Hezekiah was preceded and followed by kings who did not hold fast to the Lord. Instead, they were swayed by the norms of the culture, their own desires, and many other temptations that distracted them from keeping the Word of God. They were not anchored by the Truth of God’s Word and instead were tossed about by the momentary pleasures and troubles of their day.

The same temptations face us even today. As the Parable of the Sower indicates, many people will claim to follow Christ only to  have their affection choked out by the cares and worries of this world. Those who will be faithful are those that will hold fast to Him and to His instructions. Just like a plant needs to be rooted in order to flourish, so we must be rooted in Scripture in order to grow in Christ.

As the glue in my shower illustrates, it is easy to be stuck to the wrong things. Removing our hold on the cares of this world can be a difficult process. King Hezekiah, however, learned the importance of holding fast to what was most important, and he therefore was able to lead Israel in a way that pleased the Lord. May we follow this example and may we remain affixed to God and His Word.

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