Great Things

Lately, I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the truly sad things in the world. Perhaps it’s a sign of maturity to have a greater perspective on how other people are suffering or perhaps it’s a season in life where it seems that more people I know are hurting in real and life-altering ways.  In either case, it’s easy to feel helpless – all the while knowing that I am beseeching the greatest Help on their behalf. The little things that I can do with my own abilities seem inconsequential in light of the deep hurt that they endure.

Yet, I’m reminded that I serve a God who does great things with small offerings. Whether it’s a boy’s lunch miraculously serving thousands, or a widow’s mite that was a testament to true sacrifice, God specializes in using acts of obedience to accomplish far more than they would on their own. Esther’s willingness to approach the king on her uncle’s godly advice brought an evil man to justice and saved a nation. It must have seemed futile to her – yet through it God accomplished much.

So it is with our own acts of obedience. We may not always see how God chooses to use them but we can trust that He is. Not only for the purpose of our growth and pursuit of Him, but for others’ as well. Offering what we have – whether it’s a prayer on someone’s behalf, a home cooked meal, a hospital visit, or an encouraging note – may not seem like much, but God may use it in mighty ways to draw someone to Him. Our concern isn’t the degree to which God will accomplish something through it, but the degree of our obedience. And if we do what He asks we can be assured that He will use it for His purpose.

Our small offerings of faith and obedience may never save a nation like Esther did. Then again, she probably didn’t think hers would either.

What do you think?