Give It Up


With those few words, the man gave his donkey to the disciples and they led it away (Lk. 19:28-40).

We hear the story of that day, now known as Palm Sunday, so often that the magnitude of that moment may not weigh on us. We are apt to focus on the latter part of the story –  people singing Christ’s praises who days later would shout for His death. We marvel at how their worship turned to murder, yet we forget the man who provided such a clear sign of honor and praise – he gave up what he had for the purposes of the King.

If we ponder it for a moment, it should cause inward reflection. Would I do the same? If a few ragtag disciples came to me and ask me for my mode of transportation with the only explanation given that “the Lord has need of it,” would I hand over the reigns and willing part with what’s “mine?”

Or perhaps the greater question – am I willing to do it now? Probably few reading this post have donkeys that will be asked of them, but I’m a willing to give up the convenience of my car if God can use it to accomplish something greater? Am I willing to give up my time in order to serve His church? Is “the Lord has need of it” a good enough reason for me to sacrifice or do I demand a “better” one – a more thorough explanation, a more “persuasive” case?

Like the man who parted with his colt, am I willing to give up what “mine” simply so that it can be His? 

What do you think?