Bits & Pieces (4/4/12)


  • Modesty Heart Check – Denny Burk provides a link to a resource by Carolyn Mahaney from women who wonder what it means to practically live out I Timothy 2:9-10 where they are instructed to be adorned in such as way as “befits women making a claim of godliness.”


  • How Eternity Shapes Our Mundane – Are we putting our trust in the ever-changing truth of the Gospel or in temporal circumstances that we think will brief peace?


  • More Love to Thee, O Christ – Kevin DeYoung writes us that “we are all natural evangelists for the people and things we love the most.” So if we want to share the Gospel more, we likely need to start with growing our love for our Savior.



  • A Brief History of Youth Ministry – How did youth ministry start and how did it change over the years? This article helps us understand the answer to these questions and what they mean for youth ministry today.

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