Bits & Pieces (Weekend Edition)

  • Piper and Keller on SanctificationPart 1 and Part 2 – This is a two-part video discussion between John Piper and Tim Keller on the nature and motivation of sanctification. I appreciate not only the subject matter of the discourse but the nature of it.

  • The Dark Night in Denver – Al Mohler, Jr. looks at the tragedy in Aurora, CO, the questions about evil that eventually follow, and the Christian response.

  • Being a Comfortable Exile – The Bible says that this world is not our home, but are we living too comfortably in our state of exile?

  • That’s OK – How do you respond when someone apologizes to you – do you dismiss the offense or offer forgiveness? (H/T)

  • God’s Small Creatures – This mesmerizing video looks at the beauty surrounding the process of pollination and reminds us of the intricacy in God’s design of even “everyday” processes.

What do you think?