Bits & Pieces (Holiday Edition)

I’ve haven’t posted a Bits & Pieces in a while due to some unexpected time away from blogging. I’m still catching up, but here are some links you might enjoy this Labor Day holiday.


  • Kindle Deals – Tim Challies has links to several Kindle deals in today’s post.

  • The Beloit Mindset – A fascinating list released every year containing facts on entering college freshmen. Read it and be reminded of how much the world has changed in 18 years. (H/T)


  • When Friends Fail Us – A beautiful reminder from John Piper on how to respond when friends, even Christian friends, fail us.


  • Trusting God Through Trauma – After his mom was involved in a terrible accident, Patrick Schreiner shares some of the thoughts that comforted him as they waited for answers. (H/T)



  • Public v. Private Worship – This post makes the case that there are benefits to public worship that are not present when we worship in private. (H/T)

  • By This All Will Know – “After we have given all the arguments, the defenses and the evidences, loving one another is the final apologetic.”

  • The Magnificent Defeat – “And there is truth to the thought that surrendering to God is a struggle that begins again every day as if nothing had yet been done. But it is in this great surrendering where we find not battle but mystery, not struggle but release. We find, as Fredrick Buechner observes, ‘the magnificent defeat of the human soul at the hands of God.'”

What do you think?