Bits & Pieces (9/6/12)

  • Starting College? What You Need to Know – This is a pretty good list of things that a new college student should keep in mind. If you are one, or know one – make sure you share this helpful link.

  • The Mender – This is a beautiful post by Angie Smith on pressing on and being mindful of Who our motivation for running well.

  • Let Jesus Feel The Shame – “This is the great exchange of the gospel, that my sin was transferred to him and his righteousness was transferred to me. I am not only not sinful, but I am actually righteous. Because the guilt of the offense is gone, the shame is gone as well. Because that sin is no longer my own, the shame is no longer my own.”

  • No Longer An Orphan – Christians are adopted by God, yet we often act as if we are still orphans. This post reminds us of the foolishness of thinking we need to live the Christian life under our own power and abilities.

  • 22 Ways to Humble Ourselves – Humility doesn’t come easy. Here are a list of ways to help us pursue this Christ-like character trait.

  • Visualization: Conception to Birth – This is just cool. A mathematician has rendered a visual illustration of the process that occurs from conception to birth. Watch this powerful video!

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