Bits & Pieces (9/5/12)

  • God’s Protection in Culture Shaping Vocations – “I’ve always wondered why we could be so quick to sacrifice our children to become missionaries but stand in the way of their becoming broadcast journalists, film and television actors, photographers, and painters. It’s almost as if we believe God is strong enough to take care of his own only as long as they stay within the safety of the Christian ghetto.”

  • D.A. Caron on Angry Christians and the Devil’s Tactics – “When you’re busy hating everybody, and denouncing everybody, and seeking political solutions to everything, it’s very difficult to evangelize. Isn’t it? Very hard to be compassionate, to look on the crowds as though they’re sheep without a shepherd, very hard to look on them like that when they’re taking away “my heritage.” Do you see?”  (H/T)

  • 5 Reasons Why We Should Read Leviticus – “Leviticus is one of those books that Christians tend to want to ignore, while those in the opposite camp tear it apart Hebrew letter by Hebrew letter” However, this post provides 5 solid reasons why knowing this book is important. (H/T)

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