Bits & Pieces (9/20/12)

Sometimes God Slays His Loved Ones – “t seems to me that most of us have a harder time feeling loved with tough discipline than we do feeling loved with tenderness and affirmation. Therefore, to guard myself from attributing unloving motives to God or people, I take special note of those places in the Bible where hard things are loving.”

Minding Our Own Business – “[W]e can resist busybody behavior by simply doing the work God has called us to do;  busying ourselves with our own hearts and not the hearts of others, our own homes and relationships and not the homes and relationships of others, our own work and not another’s work.”

Prepare or Perish – A very helpful post on how preparing for conversations ahead of time will reduce the likelihood that our tongues will cause us trouble. (H/T)

Why We Need the Church – It may be tempted to want to go-it-alone, but this short post and the accompanying video discusses why we need the body of believers for sanctification.

Please Quit Picking on Video Games – I would argue that there are probably some video games that are inherently sinful, but with that caveat, this post offers an interesting perspective and is a great reminder that we need to look (and deal with) heart issues and not just their outpouring.

What do you think?