Bits & Pieces (9/18/12)

  • 4 Gambles That Turned Into Job Offers – I’m sure there are a number of creative techniques that didn’t turn out the way their creators intended, but here are four non-conventional ways people acquired jobs.

  • Motherhood Is Not Boring – Gloria Furman shares the biblical “paradigm for us to think about motherhood that is outside of our worldly idea of finding a balanced middle ground between Resentment and Idolatry.”

  • Too Tough on Guys Who Are Trying – Josh Harris apparently gave a sermon like many I have heard of which contained an exhortation to single young men to “”put down the X-box, grow up, pursue a wife, and glorify God in that relationship” (or words to that effect).” He shares a thoughtful response he received from one listener.

  • One Trick Pony – A reminder that “God wants us to put our trust in him, not in explanations.”

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