Bits & Pieces (8/9/12)

  • Do Athletics Matter? – “The chief reason that athletics per se are good is because God has given particular people particular gifts in that area. Nowhere is this clearer than in the Olympics, where we see a handful of men and women who display amazing physical prowess and mental discipline. When we’re looking at people who are on that level, we must know God gave them those abilities and built into their nature a disposition to use them.”




  • On Being a Mirror & the Longing for Significance – “Concealed deep beneath our pride and our craving for esteem and our love of power and influence is a good thing that has been distorted, namely, the longing to be a mirror of God. To be a mirror of God is the highest honor to which a creature can aspire. And the most ludicrous sight in the world is a created mirror turning away from the light of God and then trying on its own to make a little spark to brighten the shadow it casts on the world.”


  • Minimizing Drag – An Olympic swimmer stated that that key to victory is minimizing drag. This writer demonstrates the importance of this in our Christian walk as well. 

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