Bits & Pieces (8/7/12)

  • The Gift of the Will – “Our ability to exercise our wills for good depends in large part on remembering that human beings have been given great gifts. Perhaps this is part of the message to glean from the parable of the talents that Jesus spoke to his followers long ago. Those who recognized the gifts they had been given went out and used them, thus increasing their impact and gaining more.”


  • What I’ve Learned Along the Way – Tim Challies writes about preaching for the non-preacher and reminds us of some things we should remember when interacting with our pastor.



  • Five Great Mysteries of the Christian Faith – “Are there more than these? Most certainly. But in theology, these are the biggies. These are the big pieces of our puzzle that are missing. Why are they missing? I don’t know. I just know they are. God chose not to tell us. I will ask him when I get there. But I will try to trust him until then. After all, don’t I have to borrow from his morality in order to judge him for leaving the puzzle unsolved? I think I will pass on that.” (H/T)

  • And Especially Hope – “When it comes down to it, hope is what most of us are desperate for in our lives. We need something to look forward to, something to keep us from despair in the midst of all of the pain and difficulty we experience and see around us.”


  1. I love that you post these! Always such great articles, that I wouldn’t always find on my own! Thank you Natalie!

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