Bits & Pieces (8/3/12)

  • What Happened To My CCM? – An interesting post about the “heyday” of Christian rock, what’s transpired since and what that might mean for long-time fans. (H/T


  • How to Attend A Conference – John Piper provides some very practical insights on how to get the most out of your conference attendance. 


  • My Father’s Conversion at 84 – Randy Alcorn writes about his father’s conversion, the temptation he felt to water down the truth, and the reason why it matters that he didn’t. 



  • Being Famous In Your Family – This was a poignant reminder that we may never know the lasting impact of a life lived faithfully for Christ.


  • The Work of Christ – R.C. Sproul has a book on the subject of Christ’s work and he answers questions about it, and other topics, in this interview. 

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