Bits & Pieces (8/2/12)

  • An Angry God – “God’s reaction to sin is the good and necessary, the absolute best and perfectly just reaction. He will not act rashly in anger but will act justly in wrath. He willexpress this wrath against all sin. He must express this wrath against sin, because sin opposes all that he is as the perfectly holy creator of all that exists. How good it is, then, when we ponder God’s wrath, to know that his wrath has already been satisfied for those who trust in him. “

  • Learning a Lesson Of Hope – When a woman’s plan of a natural childbirth doesn’t come to fruition, she learns an important lesson about where her hope is placed. It’s a lesson from which we can benefit.

  • My Daughter’s Beauty – This post looks at the following questions: “How do I raise my daughter to know the true definition of beauty in a culture such as ours? How do I cultivate an image in her that is rooted in the beauty of Jesus and not the allure of a distorted sexuality?” (H/T)

  • Jesus’ Prayers & The Saints Perseverance – “[W]hile saints do persevere, it is not because they have the power of perseverance within themselves. If it were left to me to persevere in my Christian walk, I would fall and stumble in a moment. The One who really perseveres is God. He perseveres with His children and thereby preserves them. One of the chief ways in which God preserves His people is through the priestly intercession of Jesus.”

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