Bits & Pieces (8/17/12)

  • The Threats of Man – “Jesus has something very specific in mind that is threatened by fear and advanced by courage. He says in Matthew 10:27-28, ‘What I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered, proclaim upon the housetops. And do not fear . . .’ In other words, the fear Jesus focuses on in this passage is the fear of speaking clearly (in the light) and openly (on the housetops) when that speaking might get you in trouble. So here’s the demand: ‘Don’t be afraid to speak clearly and openly what I have taught you, even if it costs you your life.” The rest of Jesus’ words here are motivation—five reasons why we should have courage in the cause of truth.'”

  • Pilgrims in a Post-Christian Culture – “For Christian, there is the constant tension between the call of the Celestial City and his love for friends and family who have not ‘seen their danger as he saw his.’ And he, like all pilgrims, must recognize that leaving the path is not only unthinkable from the standpoint of his calling, but also catastrophic for those whom he desperately yearns to join him. The only way to commend the path to others is to stay on it.”

  • Love for God– “Love for Jesus makes us generous, joyful, patient, and loving toward others.  It is love for Jesus that compels us and propels us. How do we cultivate our love for Jesus?” This article provides a few suggestions.

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