Bits & Pieces (8/15/12)

  • Complicated Isn’t Compromised “But making compromises is not the same as being compromised. Compromises find a third way where there is no obvious black or white way. Being compromised is to be breached, weakened, or broken. It is to have your convictions undermined. Compromises can strengthen the value of your morality; being compromised weakens it.” (H/T)

  • Love At Fifth Sight – “Sometimes, when you don’t feel that spark, it’s for a reason, and no amount of time together is going to kindle it. But in our case, at least, my wife’s willingness to give things with me more space and time than she would have done when she was younger gave romance time to take, so to speak. Call it love at fifth sight.”

  • To Suffer Faithfully – “The parries, blows and thrusts of the preliminary rounds may look mighty impressive, and of course they too have a role to play in giving glory to God. But on the path toward our death and resurrection, most of us will end up reaching a place where the main event is something much simpler and harder: “suffer[ing] faithfully”. And all the small inconveniences and irritations and hardships along the way are training for that day!” (H/T)

  • Our Pioneering Savior – Scripture gives His children many assurances about the pain we experience in this life. Two of them are that Christ is with us in our pain, and that He delivers us from it.

  • Good News for Bad Preachers – Although written for those who preach, this post contains an important truth for anyone involved in ministry. You won’t hit a home run out of the park from the beginning, but if you have people who are honest with you enough to help you improve, that is a good thing.

  • Why The Gospel is Offensive – “God is the active agent in our salvation—and this does not sit well with our pride. This is why the gospel is called an offense. Nobody wants to hear that they are a charity case. “

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