Bits & Pieces (8/13/12)

  • A Book Review, A Publisher’s Response & A Lesson – Randy Alcorn recently wrote a post about a book he had read with which he had several theological concerns. In addition to writing his review, he also contacted the publisher for their response and then wrote a subsequent post with their assertions as well as his response to them. While I think there is a lot to be learned from Mr. Alcorn’s post and the importance he ascribes to theological accuracy, I think there is also a lesson to be learned from his approach to the whole situation.

  • Ravenous Sheep  – R.C. Sproul, Jr. acquired and raised some sheep, and learned an important lesson about shepherding in the process.

  • Distinctly Christian Modesty – Gloria Furman reviews as new book that ponders an important question – what does it mean to be modest not only in terms of what we wear, but in our speech and behavior too?

  • Before You Phone Your Preacher – We are often quick to turn to those around us for affirmation guised as requests for help, but have we first sought God and His direction?


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