Bits & Pieces (7/9/12)

  • What Kind of Hero? – In writing about the kings of Israel, Jill Carattini states “[w]e do not choose the kind of person we want to be in a vacuum, anymore than we make that decision only once. These kings made choices that were influenced by mood and politics, temptations and trials, by the kings before them, and by battles that shook their kingdoms and their pride.”

  • The Sufferings of Hell – John Piper writes “[t[wo of the passages of Scripture that express the unending nature of hell most clearly point to seemingly opposite reasons it will be terrible. One speaks of being ‘away from the presence of the Lord. The other speaks of suffering ‘in the presence of the Lamb.'” Then he goes on to explain why these statements are not contradictory.

  • Praying Work – An important reminder about redeeming our time and using the necessary but perhaps non-engaging tasks for God’s glory.

  • A Friend Like Martin LutherΒ – Do you have a friend who would write this letter to you? Would you be the kind of friend to send it to someone else?

  • The Secular BeatitudesΒ – Josh Harris proposes “secular beatitudes” based on cultural definitions of success.

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