Bits & Pieces (7/6/12)

  • Grass on a Rooftop – One can hardly deny that communication standards have changed. Jill Carattini looks at the Christian response to some of the more negative outcomes of these shifts.

  • God Is Merciful Not to Tell Us Everything – “God is also a wise Father who knows when knowledge is too heavy for us. He is not being deceptive when he does not give us the full explanation. He is carrying our burdens (1 Peter 5:7). If we think our burdens are heavy, we should see the ones he’s carrying. The burdens he gives to us to carry are light (Matthew 11:30). “

  • Apocryphal Quotes from C.S. Lewis & Others – Justin Taylor looks at a Matt Anderson post about a saying attributed to C.S. Lewis that is not actually from him. He also gives examples of other misappropriated quotations.

  • Save a Life, Get Fired – This is a crazy story about a lifeguard who saved someone’s life and ended up getting fired because in order to do so, he had to leave his assigned area.

  • Free Download of Piper Book – You can get a copy of John Piper’s doctoral dissertation for free! It also includes his reflections on the publication forty years later.

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