Bits & Pieces (7/5/12)

  • Shepherd to King – This info graphic visually demonstrates the trajectory that led to David’s ascension to the throne. (H/T)

  • If It’s Dangerous – “I have no idea where this idea came from that God’s will is for us to always be maximally comfortable and secure in this world. If you read the New Testament, that’s the last idea you would come away with.”

  • The Death of Elitist Leadership – I think most people recognize that styles of leadership have changed over the last 50 years. Thom Rainer looks at some implications of the demise of “elitist leadership.”

  • Share the Gospel & Your LIfe – While this article is mainly about the need to share life with those we disciple, what I found most interesting was the discussion over two different types of discipleship relationships. Too often we focus on discipling peers (a “mutual accountability” type of relationship) and don’t look to how we might mentor others in the faith.


  • Warning Signs – Stephen Altrogge reminds us that “big sin” happens as the consequence of many smaller choices, and looks at some cautionary signs that we may have started to drift in our relationship with God.

  • Staying Motivated – Randy Alcorn writes: “When you come to know Christ and put your faith in Him, Jesus changes your life. You’re excited about Him, and everything in life is a contrast to what it was before. But over the long haul, how do you keep that motivation going? How do you sustain a Christ-centered life?”

  • Worth Weeping For – We may hesitate to call sin, sin but as Kevin DeYoung shares something should be of greater concern to us than the discomfort that doing so brings.

What do you think?