Bits & Pieces (7/4/12)

  • Saturated with Christ– “Certain themes are apparent when reading large quantities of the Old Testament books. What becomes clear about God’s relationship to his people is this: they are very sinful and they are very much loved.”

  • Sinners in a Fishbowl – Barnabas Piper writes about being a preacher kid and reminds us that “[t]he thing that cannot be forgotten in all this is that PKs aren’t different from anyone else. We are just sinners under the microscope.” [H/T]

  • The Idea of America – Kevin DeYoung writes about the ideas guiding the founding of America and the proximate good of patriotism.

  • Place, Patriotism and Sehnsucht – “Ultimately my fondness for “home” and all of its nostalgic resonances–Gettysburg, Old Faithful, college football tailgating, Norman Rockwell, Kansas City barbecue, cherry cobbler–should point me heavenward, stirring my heart but not satisfying it…”

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