Bits & Pieces (7/30/12)

  • Prayerlessness – As this post illustrates, a lack of prayer in our lives isn’t just a “personal concern” – we should recognize how God views this state.

  • Adopted for Life: Ten Years Later – This is a beautiful post by Dr. Russell Moore on the adoption of two of his sons, what he has learned since, and the parallels as adopted children of Christ.

  • The Sanctifying Job – “Luther viewed our work as a co-labor of love with a gracious God who provides good gifts for his creation. Are we hungry? Jesus tells us to pray for our daily bread. So we ask our heavenly Father to give us the good gift of food. In the way God ordered his world, his image-bearers co-labor with him to grow the grain, bake the bread, deliver it to the stores, and sell it to hungry people. We receive our daily bread because dozens upon dozens of others were faithful in their labors, embodying answered prayers.”

  • Are You a Saint? – An important reminder about what it means to be a saint.

  • How Literature Can Aid Your Worship – Do you feel that you have to defend your decision to read literature? This post highlights three ways reading good literature can aid in our worship (of course, the book selection is an important part of making these three things reality.)

What do you think?