Bits & Pieces (7/26/12)

  • Jesus & The Wild Animals – David Mathis writes about a small phrase in the Gospel of Mark that you may have never considered, and what it’s significance may be.

  • Consumerism & The Mission of GodΒ – “Critiques of consumerism usually focus on the dangers of idolatry–the temptation to make material goods the center of life rather than God. But this misses the real threat consumerism poses. As contingent beings we must consume resources to survive. The problem is not consuming to live, but rather living to consume.”

  • Men Have Forgotten GodΒ – A quotation from Alexander Solzhenitsyn on what he found as the root cause of the Russian Revolution and subsequent disasters that the country endured.

  • Loving Those Who GrieveΒ – It can be difficult to know how to interact with those whom you know are grieving. This article offers some helpful perspectives.

  • On Leaving Home – A reminder that there is a call greater in our lives than the call of the comfort of our earthly home.

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