Bits & Pieces (7/25/12)

  • Why Does College Cost So Much? – This is an interesting post about the price (and costs) of college education, and whether student debt is truly the problem that we keep hearing about.

  • A Smiling Providence – Denny Burk relates the remarkable story of one victim of the Aurora shooting, and God’s evident providence in her life many years before.

  • When Should I Correct? – This is an helpful illustration to consider on knowing when a issue should be addressed through correction, and when it should not. This may be beneficial for those who never want to correct, and for those who may desire to far too often.

  • 7 Ways Not to Be A Slave to Your Smartphone – Like the author, you may have started to feel like Pavlov’s dog every time your smartphone bings. Here are seven tips to how to make sure your smartphone doesn’t control your life. (H/T)

  • You Are Not the First Domino – Although specifically written in regards to church planting, this is an important reminder for any ministry of which we are apart. God didn’t start working the moment you showed up. If you are engaged in His work, He has already gone before. (H/T)

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