Bits & Pieces (7/23/12)

  • Working Hard to Rest Well – A challenging reminder about the importance of working with diligence, and of a Sabbath rest.

  • The Sheep That Was Lost – A great series of pictures that will (hopefully) remind us of the lengths that our Great Shepherd will go to for one of His lost sheep.

  • A Broken Past & The Miracle of SanctificationĀ – When ministering to someone who has experienced past victimization, ministry can require an extra level of wisdom. “That starting point is critical: you speak to the Lord. This seems so simple, but it is a spiritual response that can only happen through the work of the Spirit. Those going through hardship do not naturally speak to the Lord from their hearts. Rather, they speak as if there were no God. In other words, when someone is willing to start here, you are watching sanctification at its most powerful.”

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