Bits & Pieces (7/17/12)

  • Of Whom I Am the Foremost – “Jesus goes around making enemies into friends, of himself and each other. He makes them family. How does this work?” A reminder about some things that all members of the body of Christ hold in common. 


  • Your Leviathan – “Sooner or later, the unforeseeable, the unimaginable, just shows up.  I wish this were not true, but it is.  Something will be your Leviathan.  And God will not explain it to you — not in this life.  What he will do, at the right time, is disclose himself to you in a deeper way than you’ve ever known before.  And in fact, the Bible says that the Leviathan we deeply dread is God’s rubber ducky in the ocean of this life (Psalm 104:26).  God is that inscrutable.”

  • Drill Sergeant or Doctor? – I fear that this dichotomy set up here is not a completely fair one, however, the author makes an important point about the fact that the God who sanctifies us is the God who cares for us. It’s worth the read, but read with godly discernment.

  • 5 Practical Thoughts on Rest – Joining what seems to be the growing chorus of blog posts on the subject of rest, Tim Keller offer five practical insights on the subject.

  • Defining Sin – Tim Challies continues his “Essential” series with this post that offers a definition of the word “sin.”

  • Making Progress in Sanctification – Growing in sanctification can seem overwhelming when we consider the standard God has set. This excerpt from a Sinclair Ferguson sermon reminds us an important truth when we start to feel that.

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