Bits & Pieces (7/10/12)

  • If We Are The Justifiers – A powerful thought from Udo Middleman on the problem with setting our own standards to judge our own actions


  • How Fighting Sin Hurts – Ed Welch writes “There is a beauty in saying “no” and using those dormant muscles of self-control. And, because it is the Spirit’s power in you, you don’t become a dour ascetic, but discover hints of contentment and satisfaction. These are marks of the Spirit.”


  • Using “Brokenness” to Describe Sin – Kevin DeYoung makes an excellent point about our propensity to use the word “brokenness” as a pseudonym for sin and suggests why we may want to reconsider our word choice.


  • The Denial of Death – How do you respond when people seem to deny the eventuality of their own death? Matt Reagan shares his thoughts on why this topic is too important to left unaddressed.


  • The Inconsistency Argument – Tim Keller tackles the topic of how to respond when people accuse Christians of inconsistency because they don’t keep all of the ceremonial laws of the Old Testament.

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