Bits & Pieces (6/6/12)

  • What We Miss – Tim Challies provides a video of an orchestral flash mob in Copenhagen, and then reflects on our tendency to “capture” moments rather than enjoy them. Make sure to watch the video!


  • What Every Husband Should Know About Stay-At-Home Moms – Gloria Furman writes, “The most durable hope you can give your wife is glorying in the one Mediator between God and man. Your wife needs your help to remember the future grace that is guaranteed her by the precious blood of Jesus.” I actually think this advice applies to all moms, and their husbands.


  • Lord of All – David Mathis looks at one of the verses that is most frequently used out of context and reminds us that Christ “is big enough to be relatively unimpressed with your greatest accomplishments and kind enough to be gentle in your greatest failures.”


  • Christianity, Unplugged – Are we taking time to disconnect with the world around us in order to more purposefully connect with our Savior or are we part of “a society (and a church?) that has committed itself, perhaps unwittingly, to distraction”? (H/T)


What do you think?