Bits & Pieces (6/18/12)

  • Leading In Love – Tim Challies quotes from Wayne Grudem about leading in love, and includes this insight, “husbands, headship doesn’t mean selfishness. It means being willing to give of yourself for your wife and care for her as well.”



  • Let Wonder Lead You To Worship – “All the senses that God has given you are telling you about God today (Romans 1:20). And one of the healthiest things you can do for your soul after prayer and bathing in God’s living Word is to listen to creation tell you about the glory of God (Psalm 19:1).”



  • Loving Not the Things of this World – Randy Alcorn shares that one way we can begin making sure that we are not loving the things of this world is by ” asking ourselves, “What are the novels I’m reading?” “What are the movies I’m watching?” “What are the things that preoccupy me?” “What are the things that I talk about?” “Am I proud of my favorite professional, college, or high school team and willing to talk about and defend that team, and yet am ashamed of the gospel of Christ?” Something is fundamentally wrong if we won’t talk to people about Jesus with any kind of passion and enthusiasm like we talk about a sports team or a movie or a TV program. Those things can become idolatrous. The passions we invest in other things should be directed to Jesus.”


  • Experience God’s Personal Comfort – God brings personal comfort to His children that are hurting, and enables them to provide comfort to those who are going through the same type of pain.

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