Bits & Pieces (6/15/12)

  • The Christian Business – “[F]or everyone who frequents a Christian business or works at one, it is crucial to remember that, yes, it is seeking to honor the name of Christ, but it does so by supporting your church, not being it…..Both churches and businesses suffer when they try to be the other.”


  • Persevere in Prayer – “The fact that it doesn’t seem like the answers are coming does not indicate that they won’t. Sometimes you have to be more persistent than you think.”



  • The Best and The Worst – It is hard to follow the command to “consider it all joy” when we face trials. Randy Alcorn provides a reminder of how looking at God’s faithfulness in the past can help us do that.


  • Awkwardness & Evangelism – “Awkwardness seems so horrible when it’s in front of us. But it’s not nearly as bad behind us.”

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