Bits & Pieces (6/14/12)

  • Fragile Wall – In reflecting on a familiar parable, this post reminds us that “[i]f we are to be like the wise builder, then we must construct our foundation on the rock by practicing the righteousness we have learned. We will find that the cost demanded of us is no less than a radical submission to the exclusive lordship of Jesus. However, the reward comes when we find our house still standing after the final storm leaves and when the sun breaks through again.”


  • Honest Prayer – Reflecting on David McIntyre’s The Hidden Life of Prayer, Tim Challies reminds us that it is important to be honest with God in our prayers, and shares why it’s important that we share”complaints” with God but that they remain between Him and us.


  • Nowness and Obedience – A reminder that obedience can’t happen in the past or the future, but only in the present.


  • Freedom in Christ – “In the Reformed community there has been quite an emphasis of late on the freedom we have in Christ from the guilt of sin. Thank God! That is essential in our Gospel preaching and teaching. But let us with equal force remind one another that we have been set free from the reign and power of sin as well. This is just as essential to our Gospel preaching and teaching.”

What do you think?