Bits & Pieces (6/13/12)

  • What God Desires and What He Grants – John Piper tackles two seemingly contradictory statements in Scripture – that God desires salvation for all, but grants repentance to some.


  • Just As Long As Its Healthy – In a day where we can learn more about their baby before it is every born than we ever have before, John Knight examines the likely consequences, and shares what the mindsets of Christians should be.


  • Different Yet The Same – In a continuing series of articles about how we spend time online, Nicole Whitacre reminds us that while the methods may be different, the temptations are the same.


  • Ditch the Diploma – This post examines why some graduates are questioning the value of their degree, and reminds us that before we decide to ditch the diploma, we must start with seeking an understanding of what God desires us to do.



  • Quotable Chesterton – A collection of witty and thought-provoking statements from G.K. Chesterton that were too good not to share.

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