Bits & Pieces (6/1/12)

  • The “Science” of Biblical Counseling – We are prone to want formulaic answers that will solve our problems, but this post makes the argument that biblical counseling is more of a process than a math problem.


  • Being Like Joe Encouragement – “Discouragement sets in when our hope is leaking out. It’s a sort of surrender to our fear. When this happens, and it happens often, what we need is an infusion of hope. That’s what encouragement is. Barnabas went around giving people hope-infusions, which helped them keep fighting the fight of faith (1 Timothy 6:12).”


  • Against Bloodless Ghosts – Sinclair Ferguson reminds us (via Jared Wilson) that “there is no “thing” that Jesus takes from Himself and then, as it were, hands over to me. There is only Jesus Himself.”


  • Work Ethic – How we approach our work and do our work matters; Mike Fabarez reminds us why.


  • An Email Charter – Some helpful tips for managing your (and others) expectations why it comes to email.


  1. Hi Natalie! Thanks for gathering, reviewing and sharing these resources. I wasn’t able to reach the Email Charter link. The hyperlink directs to Mike Fabarez’s Work Ethic article. When you have a moment would you mind updating the Email Charter link?

    Thank you!

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