Bits & Pieces (5/8/12)

  • Hopes & Fears – Margaret Manning shares that “hope, contrary to what many of us might believe, is not the absence of fear but often arises in the midst of fear.”


  • Is Your Gospel Big Enough? – This is a really informative post by Tim Challies who reminds us that the Gospel is big enough to account for our sin, and the sin of Christian leaders that we might admire and respect.


  • Super Moon – If you missed the super moon, or you just want to see it again, here’s a link filled with beautiful pictures of it from around the world. Such a wonderful reminder of the beauty of God’s Creation. (H/T)


  • Needed Need – It’s tempting to need to be needed, but, as R.C. Sproul Jr. writes “My glory isn’t that I am needed. Rather, His glory is that He not only meets my needs, but uses me, a beggar, to meet the needs of others. I need to give up the need to be needed. I need instead to give thanks for being used.”


  • Ian & Larissa’s Story – If you haven’t seen this video yet, you probably will see it posted everywhere soon as many in the blogosphere have already linked to it. It’s the story of a couple that while betrothed to be married, suffered a terrible tragedy and then build a God-honoring marriage.

What do you think?