Bits & Pieces (5/4/12)

  • The Bible’s Importance –  69% of Americans state that the Bible provides answers on how to live a meaningful life, but how much do they really know about what the Bible teaches?


  • Fiction and Literature – Should Christians avoid reading novels or make a commitment to only read “Christian” works of fiction? Dr. Russell Moore tackles these questions in an interview and provides much more to chew on as well.


  • 40 years with Down Syndrome – I’ve seen this article reposted throughout the web. It’s a compelling story of one man, his son, and the birthday they share. (H/T)


  • Has the Gospel-centered emphasis gone too far? – This is an interesting post that articulates a point I haven’t yet heard as part of the discussion regarding “Gospel-centeredness;” namely that “there is always a danger that when you take God’s Word out of the church—out of the ambient environment of expository preaching, baptism, Communion, prayer, confession, absolution, and praise—it becomes a genre” rather than a vibrant part of the Christian’s life.


What do you think?