Bits & Pieces (5/31/12)

  • Unplanned – Tim Challies reviews a book about one woman’s journey from working at Planned Parenthood to becoming pro-life.



  • What We Eat – Gloria Furman writes a convicting post that reminds us that just like we must tell kids what to eat (i.e. food, not crayons or boogers), we need to pay careful attention to what we’re digesting in our lives as well.


  • What Sanctification Feels Like – What does grow in Christ look like? Desiring God shares some insight from Ray Ortlund’s commentary on Proverbs.


  • More Than Unconditional Love – John Piper writes, “If you only hope for unconditional love from God, your hope is great, but too small.” Read the rest and be encouraged to hope for more.


  • Changing Churches – Kevin DeYoung writes two posts: one about starting at a new church, and another about leaving your old one. Since very few people stay at one church their whole lives (even in the move isn’t for nefarious reasons), these are worth a read.

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