Bits & Pieces (5/30/12)

  • God’s Patience –  An encouraging reminder about the graciousness and patience God showed towards the Israelites, and continues to show to us.


  • A Greater Perspective – “For his children, God takes all things, including genuinely evil things – sickness, injustice, sin, hurt, divorce, depression, accidents, hunger, pain, poverty – and triumphs over them, causing them to bring us good.  He takes poison and transforms it into a cure.  He takes a crucifixion and transforms it into salvation for multitudes.”


  • For His Glory – “It is not for us to look at another person’s success and say, ‘Why not me?’ Nor is it for us to look at our own suffering and say, ‘Why me?’ Instead, it is for us to simply say, ‘Lord, how can I best glorify You with my life.'”
  • Cathedrals & Catacombs – As Dr. Moore explains, sometimes we as Christians “forget the paradoxical grace of God in giving us a legacy of both cathedrals and catacombs.”
  • Seven “Deadly Sins” Revisited – While all sins are worthy of death (Rom 6:23) and not only these seven, this is an tongue-in-cheek and clever reminder of the modern way some sins take root in our lives.

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