Bits & Pieces (5/29/12)

  • I Chose to Sin – “If I sin today—when I sin today—it is not because I had to or because anyone forced me to, but only because I chose to. The sins I commit between the moment I pen these words and the time I fall asleep will be nothing less than acts of willful rebellion against God. They are not mistakes, they are not blunders, they are not nothing; they are acts of rebellion against my Creator and King.”


  • Summers Are For…. – A beautiful post about making sure we are seeking Christ this summer.


  • Unbelieving Family Members – Jon Bloom writes “[t]he story of Jesus’ brothers can actually give us hope for our loved ones. At the time his brothers claimed that Jesus was “out of his mind” (Mark 3:21), it must have appeared very unlikely that they would ever become his disciples. But eventually they did! And not only followers, but leaders and martyrs in the early church.”



  • Summer Road Trip Fun – This seems like a much better idea that having the kids stare at video game consoles during the long summer road trips. Justin Taylor provides a list of family-friendly dramatized audiobooks for your consideration.


  • Faith Enough to Ask – In this powerful post Kevin DeYoung writes “[f]aith is a humble confidence that Christ can do whatever he wills and will do whatever he promises. Which means that if we are people of faith we will ask Christ to do more than we dare to think possible.”  Read this for a convicting reminder that our prayers should be filled with boldness and confidence.

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