Bits & Pieces (5/24/12)

  • Interviews About Everything Else – Tim Challies post a collection of interviews he’s conducted over the years. I haven’t listened to them all but if a particular topic catches your fancy, you should.


  • Rulers of Israel & Judah – Have you struggled with remembering the kings and rulers of the Israelites? This infographic may prove helpful. (H/T)


  • Are You Mom Enough? – A reminder that no woman is mom enough by themselves, but God is God enough for all our concerns.



  • 5 Old Sermons – Jared Wilson provides links to five old sermons from famous preachers that he offers for our edification.


  • Remembering Your Creator in Middle Age – Awhile ago I shared a post about how the youth are specifically commanded to remember their Creator and the reasons this is important. This post looks at specific reasons why we must continue to remember our Creator in middle age.

What do you think?